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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Impressions of the United States

My first impression of the United States

The first impression of the United States was discipline. People of the United States of America are very disciplined. They are careful about the Health...
Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Peshawar to Scottsdale – The Journey of Hope

Excitement - Enjoyment Do you want to know how much time does it take to reach Scottsdale, Arizona from Peshawar, Pakistan? Then you are in...

Pakistani Students Views about Community College Initiative Program

The Community College Initiative (CCI) Program is designed to support young professionals at accredited U.S. community colleges for one year of non-degree study. This...

My First Blogpost on MQKHILJI.COM

Hi Guys this is my first post. I will be posting about my experiences in Pakistan as well as my stay in USA. Kindly...

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