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Why Studying Abroad MQKHILJI

Perhaps you are here to know why am I writing about studying abroad? Or study in USA? Why not a tech blog? A travel diary? The reason “Study Abroad” is my key focused here in this blog or in other words you can say that it is my focused keyword because I want my family, friends and blog posts’ readers to experience the study abroad at least once in their lives. I came to the United States of America as an Exchange Student. It gave me so much that I can’t describe in the words. However, I try to share as much as I can. It updated my education level. I had a Bachelors degree in Accounting. Now, I have a degree from a United States college. Now, I can fluently speak English besides my mother language. I met people from different cultures and religion. So far I met Indian, Indonesian, Brazilian, South African, Dominican Republican, Ivory Coast, Mexican, Australian, English, Arabic, Columbian, Yemeni, Americans and the list goes on. The food I tasted so far is American, Mexican, Indian, Pakistani, Ghanaian, Thai, Greek and Middle Eastern. One of the great things about studying abroad is that you started to see the world differently. You bring so many positive changes in the way you live. You embrace other cultures & faiths wholeheartedly.

The opportunity of studying abroad makes you tolerant and promoting understanding. You see other religions respectfully. It makes you closer to your family. You will realize how amazing your parents and siblings are. You will miss them so badly and value their each effort which help you grow in the life. Studying abroad increases your international job prospects. It gives opportunities to students to acquire global skills and open up personal and professional opportunities. Employers value study abroad experiences and they prefer students in recruitment.

What am I writing for Studying Abroad?

I will be sharing tips about cheap accommodation, cheap flights, hiking and traveling in the USA, scholarships, degrees and programs etc. The posts will help you how to write an outstanding study abroad application essay to secure your admission. I will also promote work of different students associations and clubs in the United States such as Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Indonesian and other Students Associations in the United States. I will write about different events and festivals like Color Vibe, Brazilian Festival in Arizona, Asian Festival, Kite Festival or Basant Mela, Eid Milan party etc. I want to help international students in every possible way to make their time beautiful and successful in the United States. I hope you will like his blog posts and share your views on his blogs and other social networks.

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