2016 Global Leadership Retreat by Maricopa Community Colleges

Global Leadership Retreat by Maricopa Community Colleges at Lake Pleasant
Photo Credit: The Great Harry Rahawarin

My this blog post is about the experience of 2016 Global Leadership Retreat, which is a three day leadership development program by Maricopa Community Colleges held at Lake Pleasant, Arizona. About 150 International and domestic students from all the ten colleges of Maricopa Community Colleges participate in the retreat. The program is designed to enhance the team building, global awareness and strengthen the internationalization of the Maricopa Community Colleges. The program does not focus on leadership theories or define leadership but rather practicing leadership in the real world hypothetical situations. In the retreat students discover intercultural communications and practice conflicts resolution in different workshops. The retreats’ goal is make students Global Leaders in a sustainable world.

2016 Global Leadership Retreat by Maricopa Community Colleges

This video is about the experience of 2016 Global Leadership Retreat, which is a three day leadership development program by Maricopa Community Colleges held at Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

Posted by Qasim Khilji on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

There are ten community colleges under Maricopa District, Arizona. Students from each college apply for the Global Leadership Retreat in the college. A selection committee carefully short list the candidates and decides who should go to the GLR. I was very luck as I was selected for 2016 GLR.

Opportunity for International Students

This program allows International Students to work with American students and learn the American side of Leadership. The program is very diverse because students make friends from the countries they neither heard the names before nor know the geographical locations. Students are very respectful to each other. They exchange cultures and talk about diversity. Students become more active in different leadership positions in the campus and off campus after the retreat.

The Global Leadership Retreat make you a good leader so you can contribute to the society in a better way. It’s incredible to see every culture come together just in three days of the retreat. This Leadership Retreat allow participants to connect with other students in a more intimate way, and allow them to reconnect with their own strengths and goals. Maksuda Samadova, an international student said, “It was one of the best experiences in my life” which I think is very true. Students learn new skills and become a good personality when they go back to the community.

“I would like to thank Maricopa Community Colleges and the District International & Intercultural Education Office because without their support this program was not possible. Thanks for the Shirts, Accommodation, Transportation, lodging and meals provided to us. I hope this retreat should be continued every year in the same beautiful spot.”

Technical Facts:
The videos were recorded from my iPhone SE in 60 fps. Some of the videos were not shot good by the phone, so I took some pictures and photos from Marina Bianca Gallucci and Roman JenovaAdaikalam. The videos are compiled in Adobe Premeire Pro CC.

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