Artie Has Heart – Community Service – Serve & Learn Day Fall 2016

Artie Has Heart - Community Service - Serve & Learn Day Fall 2016

This is a combo post. I am combining Artie Has Heart and SSC Service-learning & Leadership office in one post. Pardon me if I don’t do well. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth,” and Artie Has Heart is exactly following this quote. Artie Has Heart is an engagement of learning to serve the community. It is a special day performed by the students, faculty and other staff of Scottsdale Community College every year, continuously from previous four years. The idea of “Artie Has Heart” has developed a sense of community service not only to the local community college students but also to many international students from all over the world. This day gives training to students so that they could improve a natural sagacity in them about the community service.

Scottsdale Community College (SSC) Scottsdale, Arizona polishes the talent of its students by engaging them in the service learning environment. The community college not only provides an exceptional environment inside the classroom but also helps the student to learn outside its building through community service ideas. SSC encourage its student to be the part of volunteer services and volunteer their time and knowledge for their community. SSC Service-learning & Leadership office (SLL Office) helps to meet most of its humanitarian objectives.

Delivering community service under the umbrella of Community College Initiative Program and Scottsdale Community College was my biggest achievement during my exchange year in the United States. I felt a different kind of peace inside me when I volunteered my time and knowledge to the community. Artie Had Heart consists of different community services like:

  • Center for Native and Urban Wildlife (CNUW)
  • Feed my starving children (FMSC)
  • Foothills Animal Rescue,
  • The Society of St. Vent De Paul Wild at Heart
  • Wildhorse Ranch Rescue.

I chose to volunteer in the Feed my starving children (FMSC). The participants received shirts, breakfast, lunch, and transportation from their college to the community partners’ sites. Dr. Becky, the Director of SLL Office said, “Apart from learning there are other major outcomes of the event, like Volunteers will be learning from each other in the group and what is learned in the classroom is practically done in the event.” She also said; “it is a happy day to be around the volunteers” and she was thrilled and excited to kick off the community service. Here is the video of what really happened and what we did on that day:

——– Interested in Learning more? Here are some more details for you ——–

What is Artie Has Heart?

Every Semester, Scottsdale Community College organizes “serve and learn day’ with the help of its SLL Office and this day is celebrated through “Artie has Heart” event. This event is an essential part of the learning process of SSC students, and it provides a platform to SSC staff and students to deliver their nonprofit community service. This community service idea has a great impact not only on the Arizona community but also on the world as well. Artie Has Heart is just a fantastic name. Artie means anyone studying in the Scottsdale Community College and has heart refers to the sympathy and compassion for the community.

What is feed my starving children?

Feed my starving children is a nonprofit organization aiming to alleviate hunger for the world. It takes help from volunteers to pack food and send it to over 70 countries. This food is used in orphanages, schools and in times of disasters to feed the vulnerable in different parts of the world. More than 1 million volunteer works with FMSC every year. This nonprofit community service idea is very effective, and FMSC has formed sub-branches in different other areas as well.

What is a Community Service?

A service delivered by a group of individuals to benefit surroundings in which they live. Those groups of individuals voluntarily participate in community development initiatives. Community service ideas may vary from community to community such as fundraising for alleviating poverty and hunger, fundraising for refugees/asylees, volunteering in mosque/church, helping people with special needs, spending time with senior citizens, adopting a pet, cleaning streets or hiking trails, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering your time in Arizona, then, here is the List of Volunteer Opportunities in Arizona.

Why Community Service? What are the Benefits of Community Services?

Community service is the best way to give back to the community whatever we have learned throughout our lives.

  • It enhances learning through deeper understanding of what is being taught in class.
  • It helps individual to make sense of things out of the walls of classrooms.
  • It adds up to various sorts of skills.
  • It makes you enrich with personal values.
  • It builds up the confidence level of the individual.
  • It is one of the essential criteria for the fully funded scholarship programs. The funding agencies prefer candidates who take advantages of the volunteer opportunities in their communities.

Well, it was my first time volunteering at FMSC, and I was overwhelmed by their strategy of alleviating hunger globally. I participated in the event because I had to complete my volunteer hours for Community College Initiative Program, but I wish FMSC to have branches all over the world because the community service has a bottom-up approach for the development of the society. It not only helps to develop the local community by reducing hunger, pollution, and poverty but also engage the people in a great cause.


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