Ba Adab Ba Naseeb – A Short Story of Bahlool

Ba Adab Ba Naseeb - Sheikh Bahlool and the Businessman

Ba Adab Ba Naseeb is a short story of Bahlool on Ethics. Unfortunately, I had a very terrible experience with some of my CCI program cohorts. They simply have no ethics or respect for others. I don’t call their countries bad for their bad behavior because I feel individual characters are not to be generalized to the whole country. I believe when you come out of your country; then, you must set your ego aside and respect everyone without regard to race, religion or gender. So, I came up with this video concept to help future international students to be more respectful when they are representing their countries abroad.

This is the story of Bahlool. Pardon me if you don’t understand the Urdu Language. The reason I am writing this blog is to show the transcript of the video ‘Ba Adab Ba Naseeb – A Short Story.’ Sheikh Bahlool was resting in the shadow of a tree in the desert. A Baghdadi business passed by and asked. Dear Sir Bahlool, would you please advise me what I should buy to sell at a profit margin and make a huge profit? Bahlool said that purchase black fabric. The man went and thought about buying black fabric. He considered the advice and bought black fabric.

A few days later, a renowned businessman in the valley died. Everyone needed black cloth. The Baghdadi businessman was the sole supplier of Black fabric. He made a considerable profit from selling black fabric to the people. He was delighted and reminding himself that Bahlool’s advice worked out for him. After a few months, the Baghdadi businessman was passing, and he saw Bahlool again. This time he asked; ‘Hey crazy Bahlool, the black fabric was the best advice. What should I buy now to make more profit?’ Bahlool said; buy watermelons.

He went back and bought the entire stock of watermelon in the town. However, all the watermelon rotted, and he lost his whole business. He came back to Bahlool that what did you do to me? Bahlool said that I didn’t do anything. You did to yourself. When you came the first time you asked me in a very decent way. You respected me for my wisdom. So, I was happy, and I offered my best advice. The second time you were very arrogant, and you disrespectfully asked me. You called me crazy Bahlool. So, I advised you like a crazy person. The businessman realized his mistake and he was very ashamed of his attitude the second time.

My friends, life is like this. Never be disrespectful. Never underestimate people based on color, religion or social class. The main takeaway from this lesson is that give respect, get respect. I hope you liked my story. Kindly browse for more in my study abroad blog. Thank you!


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