Benefits of Study Abroad in Three Categories | Why Studying Abroad

Benefits of Study Abroad in Three Categories | Why Studying Abroad

Study abroad is not only about the study. It has hundreds of other benefits. Like, apart from the academic benefits of the study abroad, it can befit you in personal and professional life. However, there are a lot of people that got confused or not sure why studying abroad? Well in this era of globalization, people experience proximities in every walk of life. Study abroad programs contribute in bridging up gaps among countries. Studying abroad provides a chance to enhance global networking. It provides life-changing opportunities to the international students. Study abroad programs help international students to explore global cultural values and provide opportunities to be part of the prestigious education institutes.

Studying abroad is not confined to undergrads anymore. Graduate and Postgraduate studies have also been focused by study abroad programs and therefore study abroad programs have increased in numbers in the past 25 years in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

It can be an expensive experience, or it can also be free. There are several fully funded or Scholarship programs to study abroad in the USA, Canada, UK, Turkey, Australia, and Japan. These programs help students to fulfill their dreams of studying in the best educational institutes around the world. Students need to enroll in their system through study abroad programs. Here are some of the benefits of Studying abroad:

  1. Academic benefits of studying abroad.

Most of the students are attracted towards study abroad programs because of the academic benefits. They want to take advantages of studying abroad by learning more about subjects of their interest. For example, students with business majors strive for getting the up to date information about the economy, stocks, financial institutions, etc. Study abroad helps students to boost up the level of understanding by building their management skills, communication skills, and presentation skills. The focus of their whole struggle is getting the Academic Degree. They work hard to hit the deadlines of assignments, prepare presentations and attend the late night or early morning classes to make it happen.

Receiving an academic degree whether it’s an undergraduate degree or a master’s degree, has a high value back home, especially when you are a South Asian and come to the United States to study here in the prestigious Universities. When you go back home, people/employer value your degree. The employers are interested in hiring you as they expect you that you might bring some latest information about the field.

Study Abroad also helps students to expand their academic horizon by engaging them in advance style of teaching such as; Authority Style, Facilitator Style, and Delegator Style. This entirely depends on the lecturer in the class. However, in the community colleges and the beginner level classes like Accounting 101, the teaching style is mostly the Facilitator Style where the lecturer involves students in the learning process by making them ask questions. The facilitator style helps to improve critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

  1. Professional benefits of studying abroad

This is the number one benefit of studying abroad. Students go abroad to acquire a new skill and learn the latest knowledge in their major. They try very hard to learn the skills, gain the industry knowledge and experience the tough situations to master their fields. The Study Abroad programs are mostly major or field specific. Like, going to the United States from Indonesia for Masters in the Business Administration (MBA) or majoring in Sociology. These studies abroad programs help to develop a global mindset and help to involve students in diverse learning groups.

The teaching methodology in the developed world is very advanced. Personally, I am very inspired by the teachings of Professor Mark Barton in the Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, Arizona. He was teaching Introduction to Business. Every time he started class with a YouTube video. Then, gave us five minutes to reflect on it and ask two to three questions randomly from the audience. This technique made the students focus on the video and ready to answer when the professor asks. The biggest advantage of this teaching style was students were discussion real-world business and leadership issues.

Outside the classroom, there are many opportunities available for students to learn and explore the world. Some of them are as under:

Study Abroad Develops Leadership skills

Studying in a different country and living in a new environment can be very challenging for anyone. However, most of the people overcome those challenges by facing the problems and learning the survival skills. Student Exchange Program and Study abroad programs give so many chances to the international students to represent their country in a foreign country. These international students work on themselves to remain independent and represent their nations in the positive ways.

It is not limited to individual leadership skills. There are several workshops and leadership retreats by the Universities and community colleges where local students collaborate with International Students in understanding different leadership styles. Students work on their productivity, risk assessments and problem-solving skills. Students returned from studying abroad turned out to be successful leaders around the world. Imran Khan, Rahul Gandhi, Xi Jinping, etc.

Study Abroad Increases employability

You’ve got the Study abroad experience? It is the most desirable experience to mention in your Resume. It provides excellent opportunities to attract employability. Students get a chance to specialize from well-known institutions, to learn foreign languages and develop soft skills. The experience of study abroad increases the chances of getting employment. Like, if an American Student goes to China on a study abroad program. Upon successful return, he/she can join public safety, health sector or even military to serve the country.

Some study abroad programs or Exchange Programs like Community College Initiative Program also offer internship opportunities and even helps to continue a career in a different country. Studying abroad also introduces you to career advisors who help you to grasp great professional opportunities especially when you are from a South Asian country and don’t have exposer to career development.

Study Abroad Helps to build transferable skills

Study abroad programs develop flexibility in the students which can help them handle workplace conflicts and challenges. Being a global citizen that individual will have a diverse mindset which will help him to compete professionally.

  1. Personal benefits of studying abroad

Study abroad helps in the overall grooming of an individual. There are numbers of personal benefits of studying abroad, including:

Helps in creating new connections

It enables you to create new connections abroad. When you finish studies and get your degree, you can always come back and meet your local friends. This depends on your ability. Some students are brilliant and sharp. They make new connections quickly and retain them for decades. Some are not effective in making new connections.

Helps to enhance networks through cross-cultural awareness

Studying abroad helps to explore cultural diversities and provides a platform to share your cultural values with them. It helps in socializing and expanding the social networks of students

Helps to develop communication skills

Studying abroad is also very amazing to speak to International friends other than your mother tongue especially when you are in the USA or UK, and your friend is from Ivory Coast, and you are from Pakistan. You can’t speak his/her language, and he/she can’t speak yours. Then, you both start communication in English and understand each other.

Helps in personal growth

It helps individual to learn how to travel alone, how to cook and how to live life without your dear ones. International students manage to live with different families in the foreign land and become more responsible for themselves.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. It fully develops an individual by providing academic benefits, professional and personal benefits. It helps to improve communication skills, management skills, and decision-making skills. People become more responsible for their actions in an international community. They become independent and self-sufficient. Studying abroad can widen your thinking ability and help you to think outside of the box. It gives you a chance to explore the world around you and helps you to study in an intellectual environment. It also provides an opportunity to analyze the developed world guides you to adopt development strategies for your society.


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