How to create a beautiful blog for free? Step by Step Process

beautiful blog Picture rom:
beautiful blog Picture rom:

“How to create a beautiful blog for free?” A free website builder which is user-friendly and don’t need in-depth knowledge of website designing. I am going to tell everything from the scratch that how to make your own website but before I tell you how to do it let me tell you Why You Need to Create Your Own Website? Once you become an International or a foreign exchange Student then your family, friends and community expect from you to share what you are experiencing there. They want to feel what you are experiencing. Social Media is one way to share, however, the professional way to respond to them is through blogging. The most flexible thing in blogging is that you have the choice to arrange contents accordingly like pictures, banners, audios and videos all together in one post. Besides that it can help in breaking stereotypes and bringing harmony in different religions. It promotes the tourism in the country you are studying. You also have a chance to promote your culture, language and travel. You can also share resources about your languages and important websites of your country. So, your international friends will be prepared to come visit you in your home country.

Blog is a way to bridge the “disconnect” between you and the world. Your writing gives the reader an opportunity to learn more about your experiences in short passages. The post you will write are the blessings for the reader who want to learn just a little bit more about a topic, place, event etc. Blog is an opportunity for you to take time to reflect on what you have learned? Think for a moment, how many times we go to a conference and listen to speakers one by one? And how many times we actually sit down and reflect on what we have learned? As an International or a foreign exchange Student, you should take responsibility to reflect on what you have learned and share in your community. It can also work as a diary for you. For example after five years from now you can look back to your posts and feel what you have accomplished. You will always be motivated on your accomplishments and strive for more.

How to do it?

Nowadays everybody asks me that “How to create a beautiful blog for free?” I told them it is not 90s or early 2000s where you needed a professional programmer to write HTML code for your website. You can create beautiful blog without having a deep knowledge of Website designing. There are many websites that offer you a bunch of easy to use templates. I ranked them in this order; Wix, WordPress and Weebly. These are among the best free website builders because it let you design your own website for free. The reason behind this ranking these online website builder is the level of user-friendliness. Wix is very easy to use and customize contents. WordPress is little bit professional. You have to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Weebly is similar to Wix, however, Weebly has little flexibility in content management. Click on any of the following website you want to start. Then signup and choose for a domain. After following the whole process you can start managing your layout. Once your layout is final, then its time to WRITE what you have on your MIND.

1. Wix

How to create a beautiful blog for free?

2. WordPress

Create a wordpress mqkhilji

3. Weebly

Need help creating your website? Create your site at!

Going Professional? Want to work on Premium WordPress Templates?

The above information was for free blog. If you are going to the next level, then you have to buy domain and hosting. the cost depends on your hosting space and bandwidth. My blog costs me approximately $100 per year.

Once you buy the domain name of your choice and hosting. Then, install WordPress on your site. After Installing WordPress on your site buy a professional theme and start working on it. The following three websites are the best sites for premium quality WordPress themes.

Template Monster MQKHILJI

theme_forest MQKHILJI


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