How to Survive in Arizona Heat

Arizona Heat up to 119° F recorded on June 19, 2017

We all know its dry heat in Arizona. I am writing this blog to tell you that how to Survive in Phoenix Arizona Heat? I am not scaring you about the Dry heat. It’s just my way to deal with the heat. Trust me if you survive in summer, you will have the best weather in winter. Your friends will be chilling in cold weather in Chicago, Michigan and New York. You will be partying in swimming pool. My CCI Program fellows knows how beautiful it is in winter. It has the best weather in the country in December.

The average temperature in Phoenix, Arizona is 104 °F. The maximum temperature in Phoenix so far was recorded on June 26, 1990 at 2:47 p.m, it was 122 °F (50 °C). So far this year the record shows 119 °F. Extreme heat like that experienced in Arizona can be dangerous even deadly, pushing the human body beyond its limits. People should take notes of this article, so they can live comfortably in Arizona. There are a lot of precautions like Drink plenty of water; even if you do not feel thirsty, Do not drink which contains caffeine, Never leave children or pets alone in closed vehicles etc However the following are the top actionable things you must do in order to survive in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tips to beat Arizona Heat:

– Drink Water – Drink Drink My Friend

Drink a lot of Water in Phoenix Arizona

– Other Drinks

Other Drinks to beat Phoenix Arizona Heat

– Take bath before you leave

take bath to beat Arizona Heat

– Swimming

Picture Credit:
Picture Credit:

– Wear Hat or Pea Cap

Wear Hat or Pea Cap in Arizona

– Wear light colors cloth

P.C. Forever 21: Wear light colors cloth in Summer
P.C. Forever 21: Wear light colors cloth in Summer

– Use Sunscreen

Use Sunscreen to protect skin from Arizona Heat

– Tissue/Handkerchief for Opening Metal Door

Tissue/Handkerchief for Opening Metal Door in Hot Weather

– Avoid Public Transportation

Avoid Public Transportation during hot weather in Arizona

– Double check your car maintenance

P.C. AutoLeadsLtd Home: Double check your car maintenance
P.C. AutoLeadsLtd Home: Double check your car maintenance

– Eat Fruits & Vegetables to beat the heat

Eat Fruits & Vegetables to beat the Arizona heat

– Carry light colors Umbrella

– Emergency Contact Numbers

emergency contact numbers

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