Las Vegas Was Not for Me

Las Vegas

Visit to the city of sin Las Vegas was a memorable trip for me. The incredible art, tremendous shows, nice architecture, tall buildings and verities of good food made our trip really awesome. People around the world visit Las Vegas every year to see finest restaurants, shows, nightclubs, architecture etc. Some people even come to Las Vegas to find their life partners. When I came to the United States, believe or not I was feeling like I came to a new world. I was little nervous to meet new people because I had preconceived notions about American people. On my way to United States my cell phone stopped working. So, when I reached United States I didn’t have a cell phone. On my second day in United States my college teacher who lives in Texas contacted me on Facebook. It was very nice to hear his voice. I told him all the story about CCI program and my journey from Peshawar to Scottsdale.

Later, he bought me a new iPhone SE. I was very happy to receive the box. So, I decided to meet him during break. On Thanksgiving vacations, I planned to go to Fort Worth, Texas. However, my friends in Mesa Community College didn’t agree to me. They wanted to go to Vegas. So, I changed my plans and went to Vegas with them. On Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving 2016, we left for Las Vegas in one of the worst bus service in United States, the Greyhound Lines. The distance between Phoenix to Las Vegas is about 300 miles. The bus took 10 hours to reach Vegas. After exhausting journey, we went to our hotel. It was a very nice hotel in a low budget. We spent three days there. We walked through the streets and saw something which we didn’t see in our lives. It is one of the best cities in United States but I concluded that the Las Vegas trip was not for me. Why I am saying this? I put in three things; Gambling, Alcohol and Sex.


There are more Casinos than restaurants in Vegas. You will find a lot of casinos there. A study says that about 53% of the visitors do at least some gambling for sure. There are plenty of gambling games to do even there are some automated gambling machines to play. Although, we didn’t play any game but one of our American friends advised us “Not to play with locals because they are champions in every kind of game.”


There are more liquor shops than grocery stores. You will see people drinking like they are drinking water. Also, it is legal to have an open container of alcohol when walking along the Las Vegas Strip. Just be careful that don’t drink too much as there are people who are waiting for you to take your money while you are intoxicated.


Finally Sex. OMG this is really something which amazes me. The state of Nevada is the only jurisdiction in the United States where prostitution is permitted but Prostitution is 100% illegal in Las Vegas Clark County.  However, you can still find plenty of adult entertainment in Vegas if you know where to look. People are distributing banners and exchanging contact numbers for adult entertainment. In the past, Las Vegas adult entertainment was only for guys. However, during my recent visit I found that now it’s for girls too. Women are visiting and having their own “girl’s night out.”

To be really honest I didn’t do any of these in my whole life. However, I found something very interesting. Las Vegas Strip the most famous and fabulous stretch of road has lots of incredible attractions along the way. There are a lot of shows in the streets which will amaze you. These artists have amazing talents. Their talent is remarkable. If you are looking for work, try Las Vegas once at least. It will not disappoint you. The city has a lot of opportunities. The sign of Now Hiring can be seen everywhere.

Due to low budget we missed the helicopter ride. Next time we will definitely do it.


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