List of NGOs working in Pakistan

Qasim Khilji - List of NGOs

I am sharing a list of NGOs working Pakistan. Do you want to know why? I am sharing this list to help you secure a job. When I was in Pakistan, this method worked out for me. One thing you should know that you need to take control of your job search by learning how to penetrate the unadvertised job market. There are a lot of companies which don’t advertise jobs in the newspaper due to high cost. The available jobs are filled through employee referrals, Unsolicited application and hiring managers’ personal networks.

Apart from working in the UN projects with Basic Education and Employable Skills Training Pakistan I was working as a consultant for online stuff like Website Designing, Graphics Designing and Data Analysis. So, this method worked out for me. I created a long list which is obviously not the following list and sent them unsolicited applications. Most of the time I didn’t get any response. However, a few times I got the projects which paid me enough.

So, coming to the point, if you are looking for a job in Pakistan. Then, the following list would help you. You simply need to go to their websites. Then, you need to find career section. After finding the career section all you need to bookmark that pages. Check these pages every day to find Current Openings. Good Luck!

List of Sixty-Seven NGOs working Pakistan

  1. Aas Research & Development Org
  2. Abadat Welfare Society
  3. Abb Takk News
  4. ABKT
  5. ACF International
  6. Action Against Poverty
  7. Action For Humanity
  8. AFIMH
  9. Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan
  10. Agricultural University Peshawar
  11. Ahsas women Development Organization
  12. Aims TV
  13. Aizan Foundation
  14. AJK Rural Support Program
  15. AKES’P
  16. AKHSP
  17. Albaraka Welfare Trust International
  18. Al-Karim Development Organization
  19. All Koi Association
  20. All Special Persons Welfare Association
  21. Al-Madad Welfare Society Pakistan
  22. Al-Raheem Trust Pakistan International
  23. ARO(Awareness Rights welfare organization)
  24. Arts foundation
  25. Asad Development Organization
  26. Asar youth organization
  27. Ask Development
  28. Association for academic Quality
  29. Association of special rights
  30. Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation
  31. Awareness rights Welfare Organization (ARO)
  32. Awaz Human Rights Committee
  33. Awkum
  34. Azad Foundation
  35. Azeem Educational Conference
  36. Babbar Development Organization
  37. Baloch Council
  38. BARAH Welfare Students Organization Baltistan
  39. Bhittai Welfare & Development Association
  40. Bismillah Welfare Trust Mirpur Azad Kashmir
  41. Bol media network
  43. Bridge life welfare trust
  44. Bright Future Social Welfare Organization Badin
  45. Bright Women Welfare Association
  46. Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP)
  47. British Council
  48. CAPS
  49. CARE
  50. Care Children Foundation
  52. Center for Awareness Training & Development (CATD)
  53. Centre for Emerging Science,Engineering and Technology, Islamabad
  54. Centre of Virtual Educational Research-COVER
  55. Change of Behavior Organization, Bannu
  56. Charaagh Youth Consortium and Welfare Organisation
  57. Child Welfare Organization
  58. Citizens Welfare Forum
  59. CMDO
  60. College of Youth Activism and Development
  61. College of youth activism and development
  62. Consciousness Welfare Society, Qalat Balochistan
  63. Cottage Support Welfare Organization
  64. Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI)
  65. Da Hawwa Lur
  66. Da manyar Gwalona
  67. Daily Amn karachi


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