List of Skills That I Have

Qasim is an Entrepreneur and an effective people-person. He created and successfully managed ‘Sypient | Inspiring others to do‘ a private incubation firm to promote Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. He loves writing blogs and talking in public about his life experiences in United States to help people understand different cultures.

Qasim has five years experience in the Social Sector, specifically, working in donor-funded projects with various international organizations and UN agencies like the World Food Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and United Nations Development Programme.

Qasim earned a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Accounting, from University of Peshawar. He recently graduated from Scottsdale Community College (Arizona, United States) with a Certificate of Management. Qasim is an effective business professional who aspires others to create innovative business opportunities around the world.

Financial Management

Web Development

Social Media Marketing

Graphics Designing

Video Editing

Content Writing