Few Words for You – Abbu

Qasim Khilji Thinking about his Father

My Dad, how much would you be happy to see I am in the United States of America now. I just can’t believe that it has been 15 years since we lost you. Today, I am missing you a lot. I can’t do anything more than just to dedicate the following words:

– You never been to School but learned Philosophy
– You memorized the whole Holy Quran with Urdu Translation
– You never been to any institution but you were a great speaker
– You traveled each and every part of Pakistan
– You slept on the floor in the early 1980s and then created one of the successful business in late 1990s
– You mentored people who are now successful businessmen in Afghanistan and Pakistan
– You supported many families which we didn’t know when you were alive
– You taught me How to walk and talk
– You taught me Salah, Quran, Ethics, and Politeness
– You taught me hospitality
– You taught me to live for others
– You fulfilled my every wish (which you called FarmaISH)
– You wanted me to become a Scholar (I didn’t become)
– You are my Father – My Abbu – Naseer Ahmad Khilji

You left very earlier. Forty three is not the age of death. It’s the age of enjoyment, travel, socializing, spending what you earn previously and do more. You had many plans for me, but Allah’s will was not with you. I missed you each and every moment. I missed you in my graduation ceremony, I missed you when I got the Job Title. I missed you in my birthdays. I missed you on every Eid-ul-Adha. I missed you in my sister’s wedding. I missed you when people appreciated my work and I wanted to share with you. I missed you when I wanted to share my USA visa news with you. I will miss you in my wedding. I will miss you when I become a speaker and people listen to me. Why you left us so early Abbu? Life is tasteless without you ?


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