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Impressions of the United States
Impressions of the United States

When I was in Pakistan, I heard a lot about mass shootings in the United States, Drug cartel, hate crimes and white supremacy. I was so scared, and my Mom is even more than me. She doesn’t want me to go to the United States for study. You see how funny it is; a Pakistani mom is not letting her son go to the United States of America because it’s unsafe to be here (USA). I had so many other doubts about my American friends will try to convert me to Christianity. However, I found all these just the stereotypes. I think my coordinator and my host families are going to make my exchange year in the united states beautiful and memorable.

The first impression of the United States was discipline. People of the United States of America are very disciplined. They are careful about the Health and Hygiene. They are very very very Punctual. For Example: if any American gives somebody a time 9 o’clock, so it means 9’o clock exactly. Roads and streets are very clean and beautiful. This depends on what part of town you are living, but in majority cases, streets are super clean. The United States is technologically advanced, and people use technology like smartphones, electric rice cookers, electric gates, electric kettles, etc. in their daily life.

The thing which really surprised me was friendliness of the American people. I thought that they are friendly but are also reserved. When I came here, I was warmly welcomed by the people of America as they know me for years. They treat me like I am one of them. My CCI Program coordinator is so nice and friendly. She asks me, supports me and cares about me. I feel like I live in heaven. Few of my American host families helped me to offer prayer in Mosque and asked me about my religious restriction of the food. I don’t eat pork. So, they highlighted that point many times when they have sausage pizza or something which contains pork. They normally cook only those items which came in the Islamic domain. It really changed my perception, and I was not expecting this friendliness before coming to the United States. I would just say its all about media. They are brainwashing people. Don’t believe in them anymore.

Thanks for reading my blog post regarding my first impression of the United States. If you are interested in learning more, kindly read here: Study Abroad Blog

CCIP Welcome Party at Tom Martinet's home

CCIP Welcome Party at Tom Martinet’s home


  1. Thanks Khilji for sharing your views about people of the United States. I hope you will be enjoying your stay there in so friendly people. Please convey my greetings to all of your course mats and friends from USA.

    • Thank you very much for replying to my post. I am very glad that my former supervisor commented on my work. I will definitely convey your greetings to my friends in USA.



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