Naik Alam – A Success Story from Gilgit Baltistan

Naik Alam - Gilgit Baltistan 2

If you are looking for things to do in Gilgit Baltistan or Gilgit weather or Gilgit climate, then you came to the wrong place. This post is about a success story of a young man from Gilgit Baltistan who born in a lower class family and reached to the global supremacy through his continuous struggle. We all know it is a region neglected of basic rights and facilities that other Pakistanis enjoy. The Pakistani leaders pay less attention or sometimes no attention to these areas but the people of these regions proudly call Pakistan their home. They carry Pakistani passports and made the country proud across the world with their talents and achievements. You can find them doing great work from New Zealand to the United States. So, I am sharing story of Naik Alam from Gilgit Baltistan in his own words.

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen”. Wayne Huizenga

Naik Alam - Gilgit Baltistan
Naik Alam with CCI Program Officials

I grew up as a farmer, growing vegetables and fruits, and as a herdsman like my parents. I consider myself lucky because when I turned to three the first English medium school in my village “Nomal” was founded. I was part of the first batch. In GB most of the resident families belong to lower class. It was very hard to for my parents to afford the high school expenses and travelling costs to the city where the school was located. When I completed my matriculation I had two options, the first was to join the army and the second was to move to a city where I could find an opportunity to enhance my technical skills. I preferred joining the army and tried three times, but due to the age requirements I was rejected repeatedly. Resultantly, I moved to Karachi.

A typical village boy who was not even familiar with the city life, who couldn’t even speak Urdu properly, was searching for a reason to live his life in the Karachi crowds. Initially, I was expecting to find some technical work, but due to some positive guidance from my close ones I continued my studies and even though my high school results were not remarkable, they changed my perception about myself which made me believe that all we need to achieve a goal are efforts. It helped me gain my lost self-confidence and I started to think optimistically which I’d stopped after the rejections from army.

When I got the confidence in myself, I never looked back at who I was. Besides my studies I remained an active social worker throughout my life. My association with community services also had a significant role in building my confidence and keeping me involved in positive activities which later on helped me find a job in my field of interest. It is in human nature, the more we achieve the more we dream. When I got the job I started dreaming of visiting the U.S once in my life. For the time being it seemed impossible, but when you are passionate about something; nothing remains impossible. When I applied for Community College Initiative Program (CCI Program) for the first time I got rejected after the interview. However, it was enough for me to think that I can avail the scholarship. I tried again with a better preparation and became part of the prestigious program filled with exposure, experience, studies and cultural sharing.

Even though the time span of CCI Program was very short, it has impacted my thinking and life in ways that cannot be explained. That program was a breakthrough in my life for further opportunities around the world. A few years back I had dreams and now I have experienced. I studied two semesters in the US, gained professional experience with an NGO, met talented people from all over the world and most of all this program changed my way of thinking. It also gave me the confidence to speak about what I believe in which I couldn’t before.

Naik Alam - Gilgit Baltistan - Graduarion

I will conclude this with Winston Churchill’s words: “Success is not the final, failure is not the fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts”. Every one of us has ups and downs in our lives which teach us lessons. I have learned enough to deal with difficult situations so, failures cannot be a problem for me anymore.



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