Naveed Saeed aka Cobra

This is a study abroad blog. However, my this post is dedicated to a man who live for others. In 2010, Pakistan was hit by a massive flood resulting from heavy monsoon rains. The floods affected about 20 million people. During the emergency flood response, a guy punched 3,000 entries of internally displaced person (IDP) families into computer in just four days. This is very strange to do. Normal human hands cannot do it that quickly. His name is Naveed Saeed also known as Cobra. I am inspired to write about Naveed Saeed because of his physical appearance, mental capabilities and unique characteristics.

Naveed Saeed is a very handsome person. He has a handsome face, nice body and is physically fit. He has beautiful hair, a beard and eyes. Naveed has a side parted hair style. He sports a stubble beard. His eye color is light brown. He is a muscular guy, tall enough to basket the ball and not obese. Although Naveed spends a lot of time in front of computer screen, he has a very muscular body. He is very strong, and he can lift upto 100 kg exercising in the gym. He is six feet tall and eats a lot. In addition, He eats two breakfasts, two lunches and one dinner but the point of fact is; he is not obese. Everybody in Naveed’s friendship circle admires his physical strengths as a mountain climber, swimmer and badminton player. He takes annual vacations and goes to mountainous places in Pakistan to climb. The quality which differentiates Naveed from an ordinary guy is that he climbs without any equipment. He is very good swimmer. Swimming by a dam is a life-risking adventure. He did it very well and amazed everyone watching him.

Naveed Saeed and Qasim Khilji
Left to right: Naveed Saeed, Tilawat Shah, Qasim Khilji and Muhammad Abid. Back left to right: Fazal Rahman and Kamran Shah

Naveed is a very intelligent person because of his sharpness, strong academic background and leadership qualities. He is very sharp and quick learner. He solves complicated mathematical calculations without a calculator. He solves puzzles/cubes very quickly. He completes the difficult stages of video games in a short amount of time. He has a strong academic background. He graduated with a finance degree from Institute of Management Sciences (ImSciences), one of the top ranked universities in Pakistan. He also participated in different short term courses outside the university campus. Naveed is a team builder and an influential Leader. He is very caring of others by helping the weak subordinates, and helps them grow in their careers. He is very influential. The way he talks is very amazing. He influence people through quotes, books and inspirational talks of great speakers. He gets the result from team very easily. People working for him are enjoying to be part of his team. I am again saying; Naveed is born a leader with special traits like confidence, boldness, intelligence and sharpness.

Everyone is impressed by his unique characteristics like travelling, religious values and dedication to community. Naveed loves traveling and hiking. He is an international traveler. He has been to Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. He has also visited many beautiful places inside Pakistan. He spends a lot of his savings in exploring new places in Pakistan. He loves hiking and rock climbing. Every year he use to go to North of Pakistan with group of people. They do hiking and rock climbing there. Naveed has in-depth knowledge of Islam. He reads Islamic books when he has free time. He has a small library in his home, and most of the books in his library are Islamic books. He attends Islamic seminars and events frequently. He proves himself to be a good Muslim by following the principles of Islam. I also like Naveed’s dedication to the community. Naveed volunteers to work very often. He also helps individuals financially. He is very social and empathetic.

In conclusion, Naveed is not only a handsome person but he is an intelligent and a kind human being. People like Naveed are very rare to find. He is unique and a person with special qualities. I am proud to be his friend.


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