My Review on Curry Corner | An Authentic And Ethnic Pakistani Cuisine

Curry Corner Tempe Arizona
Curry Corner Tempe Arizona

Seventeen July, Two Thousand and Sixteen when we arrived the United States. The next day one of our CCI friend in Arizona went to Curry Corner with her host family for lunch. When I asked her that how was the food? She replied; wonderful. So, I talked to my host family if we can go to Curry Corner after Nimaz e Jummah (Friday Prayers). On July 22, 2016, we went to Curry Corner for lunch. This was my first ever Desi lunch outside my home country Pakistan. The food was incredible. My host mom ordered Arabic Plate, dad ordered Traditional Curries (Chicken) and I ordered Chicken Korma. Every bite of the chicken was so enriched with flavor and Desi taste.

Qasim Khilji and Melita in Curry Corner Tempe Arizona
My host mom Melita (right) and I (left obviously lol) – Photo Credit to my Host Dad

Honestly, if I have to give a review on Curry Corner? I would give four out of five. Not because it’s a Pakistani restaurant and I am giving some favors but it really has a good quality food. The tandoori Naan is so fresh and soft that you can eat hundreds of them without complaining. It is an authentic Desi food restaurant. They have so many options and everything I have tried has been amazing. The food deserves 5 stars. However, when it comes to the service and interior decoration it deserves 1 star only. The service is not good but if you can wait I am sure you will get the best Desi taste in the valley.  If you would like to taste Desi (Indian/Pakistani) cuisine then this is definitely the place to go. Try their garlic Naan, Chicken Korma, Tikka Masala and Biryani. I also would like to mention that it is a great place for college students because it isn’t too expensive. Although I came many times since July 2016 and I will be back again and again but I still would like to thank my host family for bringing me here and making my experience wonderful in the United States.

About Curry Corner

Established in 2000 Our restaurant used to be under the name of Copper Kettle Express and we were on Lemon and Terrace for over a decade. When the plaza went into foreclosure, we had to move to a different location. Now we are back and under the name of Curry Corner. Come check us out some time. Winner of New Times Best Of Phoenix – Best Indian Restaurant 2011. More at

1212 E Apache Blvd

Tempe, AZ 85281

(480) 894-1276


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