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Sharing is Caring - MQ Khilji

I created this video Sharing is caring in October 2016. My CCI Program coordinator was pushing me so hard that I should do something for my community. I did Public Speaking on local level when I was Pakistan. So, she said you can run a video channel on YouTube. You can be a Vlogger. Honestly, I never heard of this word before. So, I started Vlogging. This is a message video on Sharing is Caring. The message in this video revolves around “If you share, surely you care.

Thanks for watching the video. If you don’t understand Urdu/Hindi language, then, here is the explanation of this video. The video is about how our parents raise us especially in India, Pakistan or in any South Asian country. We are taught to be selfish in the early stages of our lives. For example, when a mom gives lunch to her kid. She says, finish the whole meal, don’t ever share with anyone and bring the lunch box back to home. So, these three conditions are set for the children in our community. Now, what really happens if you carefully observe. The more delicious lunch it is, the more child will be out of sight. He will find a hidden spot in the school to finish the lunch. He will never share a delicious lunch with other fellows. On the other side, the more tasteless lunch it is, the more likely the kid will offer to another student.

Now think about that the child who doesn’t share its lunch with another fellow. How can he share its success tomorrow? How will he share his knowledge in the community? How will he share his powers in the future? Abdul Sattar Edhi, a great philanthropist from Pakistan, said, “When I was young. My mother used to give me two ‘Aane’ (pennies) to spend in school. One penny for me and the other one for any needy person in school.” Now, look at the man he became. He founded the Edhi Foundation, which runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network. He was the third Pakistani to receive the military honor at burial ceremony. The great leaders around the world acknowledged him.

Now, let’s assess ourselves. Whenever a beggar/homeless come across us what we do? We judge him/her by saying that he/she doesn’t deserve a penny to be paid. Mujaddid Alf Sani says, is it not enough to let go your ego when a person begs you? Is it not enough to let go your ego when you are inside a car, and the beggar is outside the car? So, if someone asks for money then just give. Don’t judge him by his/her look. When God gave you, He didn’t see you; He just showered his blessings on you. He gave you so much from his treasures that you don’t even deserve.

Generosity doesn’t belong to rich people. Poor can also be generous. So, give away, and it doesn’t matter what it is. Try to contribute your share to the community. This ‘sharing is caring video’ is for you to start giving in the community. This world has given you so much. You should give back by sharing some portion of your income and time. It’s not necessary that you should feed poor people. You can participate in community services like cleaning streets, nature and help pets, etc. Remember, You and I are not the sources. We are just pipelines, like the more we pass, the more we receive. Whether its wealth, knowledge or anything.

Thanks for reading and watch the sharing is caring video. Now, kindly show me how much you care and share by sharing this video with your friends.

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