Ten things that make you a Leader

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Hi Everyone Thank you so much for reading my blog posts and providing feedback. It really motivates me to write more. Today I am sharing ten things that make you a leader and a wonderful human being. Its not necessary to hold a position for leadership. You can be a leader in your family, or even you can be a student leader. We all are leaders in some parts of our lives but what makes real leaders are our positive attitude. Here are some characters which you must have as a leader:

10. Say Thank you more often.

Not just on Thanksgiving but every day. This pair of words can be incredibly powerful, especially if the person is not expecting them or really need to hear them. Being appreciated is one of those things that really motivates us, both at work and in our personal lives. So say Thank you!

9. Forgive People and Ask for forgiveness.

No matter how badly they treated you, forgive them. Mahatma Gandhi said: The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. So forgive everybody and learn to apologize for your mistakes. Learning to apologize is the first and most important step in the healing process. Not only does it show the recipient that you acknowledge their right to feel hurt, but it opens the way to forgiveness.

8. Motivate others and be helpful.

Don’t ever say you can’t do it. It hurts. Avoid assigning blame and singling out poor performance. Encourage others and grow more leaders. Remember the role of leadership is not to create followers but to create more leaders. Be helpful as much as you can. Whether giving up your seat to an elderly person on the subway, assisting a co-worker on a project, or carrying in the groceries when your spouse comes back from the store, being helpful is one of the easiest and most effective ways to practice becoming a better person.

7. Understanding the importance of Silence will help you to live a better life.

The best way to learn is to stop talking and listening. Silence brings Clarity to thought, and as Rumi Said: Keep silent, because the world of silence is a vast fullness.

6. Life is tough but so are you.

Learn to let go of pain, anger, bitterness, resentment, and all the other destructive emotions that tear us apart. Nothing happens until you move. Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible. Try to adopt the attitude of Muhammad Ali Jinnah who said; Impossible is a word unknown to me.

5. Always Acknowledge People.

Great leaders acknowledge people. Acknowledgment builds intimacy and creates powerful interactions. Acknowledgment neutralizes, defuses, deactivates and reduces the effect of jealousy and envy! Acknowledge those you are jealous of, for the very attributes you envy.

4. Communicate Clearly and Professionally.

Top leaders are effective communicators. They clearly know what to do? How to do? And when to do?

3. Be honest and transparent.

Be the most generous person you know. If you want to be a better person in either your personal or professional life, you should always tell the truth and state as clearly as possible what you are trying to convey. Trust is fundamental to life. There are few things money can’t buy, trust is one of them.

2. Take control of your life.

Just because one relationship ended doesn’t mean you are doomed to be lonely forever. So align yourself with your values and beliefs, establish your identity, build courage, create boundaries, and find focus and direction.

1. Always Smile.

Smiling communicates a sort of friendliness, openness and it makes you a more attractive person. No matter how bad you are feeling, try to learn smile and influence others with your smiling face.


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