Twenty Four Hours of My Twenty Sixth Birthday

Love you Qasim
Love you Qasim

I am the only one in my family whose birthday is always very special. Since 2004, the only face remain unchanged in my birthday is the face of my Mamo (uncle) Tariq Saleem. He always made my birthday very special. One of my best birthday was in January 2012. He gave me a surprise party with all of my relatives. He brought I don’t know how much pound cake but honestly it was a big cake. More than 25 people ate that cake and the loud music put life in the party.

This year was not only different but more special than the previous years. SHE woke me up at 12 A.M and presented me gifts and a cake (Love you Qasim on it). I am surprised to see what is SHE doing. She hugged me and said; May you live thousand years. Honestly, I was unconscious and everything seemed a dream to me. The gifts SHE presented to me are the most valuable things in my life. I don’t want to open any gift from her. This is the first time I celebrated my birthday with my valentine.

It’s not finished here. Later today SHE and Marcos (My roommate from Brazil) filled our apartments with my pictures and tags. They called me Fabulous, Patriot, Honest, SRK, Motivator and Public Speaker. While I was observing these pictures, my CCI friends started to come to my apartment and wished me. My host Dad and Mom also came with the birthday cake. SHE made biryani and my favorite Kalol (Red Beans). It was wonderful and amazing moment of life to receive so much love from my friends. This year also taught me being single has no taste in life. Everybody’s life is completed with partner. I think 2017 is definitely the year of Tabdeeli.


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