United Achievers CCI Program 2016-17 Participants

United Achievers Scottsdale Community College

The Community College Initiative (CCI) Program selected sixteen participants from seven countries around the world in Scottsdale Community College. Here is the list of sixteen CCI PROGRAM participants from Brazil, Cote d’Ivoire, Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and South Africa. Together we named our group United Achievers. Scroll down below to know who they are:


1. Hubert Famosando – The Comedian

Hubert Famosando

2. Kgothatso Baatile Mohale – The Creative Girl

Kgothatso Baatile Mohale

3. Arlyn De los Santos – The Film Maker

Arlyn De los Santos

4. Tharina Malan – The Disney Girl

Tharina Malan The Disney Girl

5. Tayyaba Siddiqui – The Photographer

CCI Program Participant

6. Melita Oktanawati – The Business Girl

Melita Oktanawati Indonesia

7. Neo Blessed – The Leader

Neo Blessed Makgetla

8. Marcos Ferreira – The Learner

Marcos Ferreira Bisneto

9. Sushma Darshanala – The Tech Girl

Sushma Darshanala

10. Amara Yeo – The Philosopher

Amara Yeo Sitafa

11. Harry Rahawarin – The Smart Person

Harry Rahawarin Papua

12. Salim Sheikh – The Director

Salim Shekh CCI Program Participant

13. Olidiqueen Aboui – The Public Speaker

Olidiqueen Aboui ivory coast

14. Julian Howay – The Knowledgeable Guy

Julian Howay Papua

15. Roman Jenova – The Lover

Roman JenovaAdaikalam

16. Qasim Khilji – The SRK’s China Copy

Qasim Khilji

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Qasim is an accounting and auditing professional in Pakistan, where he graduated from University of Peshawar with a degree in Commerce, majoring in Accounting. Qasim came to Arizona at the invitation of the U.S. Department of State in their Community College Initiative Program. This program is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by Northern Virginia Community College as a member of the Community College Consortium. Qasim has more than four years experience in the social sector, specifically, working in donor-funded projects with various international organizations and UN agencies like the World Food Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and National Education Foundation of Pakistan, among others. He independently began operations of a small business incubator. Qasim's dream is to become a social entrepreneur and serve his country internationally and domestically.


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