What Does English As A Second Language Or ESL Mean?

Define EFL, What is EFL, Define ESL or what is ESL

Because I live in the United States, people often ask me to define ESL, what is ESL, define ESL or what does ESL mean? After you read this article, you will learn everything you need to know about English as a Second Language.

ESL meaning: ESL is an abbreviation of English as a Second language.

English as a Second language (ESL) is a program for the international students whose native language is other than English. Unless you’re a native English speaker from countries like England, South Africa, New Zealand, and maybe India, chances are you will need to take English as a Second language (ESL) before starting your regular college classes. This is a program for the international students, whether you take it or not also depends on your TOFEL test score and the requirements of your institution.
Because your classes will be in English, ESL programs help you make your English skills as fluent as possible. These ESL programs provide special techniques and methods to help students communicate easily, understand better, and speak English clearly so they can be understood by others. To me, ESL is much more than one class because these programs are designed to help the student survive the culture shock of being in a new country, with cultural and social activities during the class that allows him or her to get to know America, while his classmates get to know his or her cultural origins. This improves self-confidence and the ability to speak and understand English in a non-threatening environment.

ESL program aren’t that different from the experience of American students learning French, Spanish, Arabic or Urdu. ESL programs are also for those who immigrated to the United States of America from different countries near and far. ESL programs help them to make their transition easier. Think of a Libyan refugees coming to America. How are they going to communicate with hair stylists, Lyft drivers, medical personnel, or law enforcement? This ESL or EFL (English As A Foreign Language) helps them become fluent in the English language. ESL programs are not only available in the USA or UK, but in many other countries as well. English is known as the international langauge, it’s certainly the language of business, aviation, technology, etc. These schools understand that, which is why native English speakers often find themselves teaching English in countries like China, United Arab Emirates, Oman, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and many other countries where ESL teachers are well paid, and sometimes given generous housing allowances.

ESL study is not hard to find in America, there are so many ESL schools running with excellent and qualified teachers who apply a wide variety of methods to make ESL study facile for international students and immigrants. Global launch, Arizona Language center, Le Tutor Language School are highly recommended ESL schools. In addition, the State of Arizona has some free ESL classes.  For more information, see the links below.


ESL Classes – Scottsdale Public Library

Learn a New Language in a Casual Atmosphere

English for Adults – Chandler Public Library

They offer FREE small group tutoring for BEGINNING English language learners.

ESL Table Talk

Register for classes in the Tempe Public Library Teen Room (Lower Level)

ESL and U.S. Citizenship | Mesa Public Library

Mesa Public Library. Classes. Join our literacy group if you would like to practice basic listening and speaking skills.


English Fluency for ESL/ EFL

Get Independent and Comfortable on Your Journey to English Fluency: Become Confident in Your English Speaking Skill.


Learn to speak English with our free English lessons. Includes games, articles, and audio courses to help your English

Learn English Online

Free English course and lessons for beginner and intermediate learners

This is all that I have today for you. If you have any suggestion or you would like to add ESL class to above list then don’t hesitate to contact the Study Abroad blogger.

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