What Does English As A Second Language Or ESL Mean?

Define EFL, What is EFL, Define ESL or what is ESL

The questions I’ve most likely either asked or answered many times since I am in the United States are Define EFL, What is EFL, Define ESL or what does ESL mean? All these questions will be clear in your mind after reading this. I reply to these questions with the best of knowledge. What I believe is that here is the best information about all these questions in your mind. I not only did research on this topic but I experienced the confusion what you are experiencing now.

ESL meaning: ESL is an abbreviation of English as a Second language.

English as a Second language (ESL) is a program for the international students whose native language is other than English. They come to the United States or any other country where the native language is English. In order to make their English fluent, ESL programs help them succeed in their missions. These ESL programs offer different techniques and methods to the learners so that they can easily communicate, understand and speak English. Honestly, ESL means to me more than a class because ESL programs are designed in such a way that students express their cultural and social activities during the class. This boosts their self-confidence for the communication and understanding English.


ESL program is same as an American student learning French, Spanish, Arabic or Urdu. ESL program is also for the people who migrated to the USA from different parts of the world. ESL programs help them to make their life easier in the USA. Imagine if a Syrian refugee comes to the United States. How is he/she going to communicate with the barber, Uber driver, doctor, or police? This ESL/EFL help them to become fluent in the English language. ESL schools are not just running in the USA or UK, but there are so many other countries offering this program. The reason behind these schools is that they understand that English has high influence and value in the modern world. You will be surprised to read that UAE, Oman, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan are some of the countries where teachers of English as a foreign language are highly paid as compared to Europe and USA.


ESL study is no more a problem now in the USA; There are so many ESL schools running with high qualified teachers who use different methods to make ESL study very easy to learn for foreign students and migrants. Arizona Language center, Global launch, Le Tutor language school are some of the best ESL schools in Arizona. There are some paid and some free ESL classes in Arizona. For more information about free ESL classes in Arizona contact the following centers:


ESL Classes – Scottsdale Public Library

Learn a New Language in a Casual Atmosphere

English for Adults – Chandler Public Library

They offer FREE small group tutoring for BEGINNING English language learners.

ESL Table Talk

Register for classes in the Tempe Public Library Teen Room (Lower Level)

ESL and U.S. Citizenship | Mesa Public Library

Mesa Public Library. Classes. Join our literacy group if you would like to practice basic listening and speaking skills.


English Fluency for ESL/ EFL

Get Independent and Comfortable on Your Journey to English Fluency: Become Confident in Your English Speaking Skill.


Learn to speak English with our free English lessons. Includes games, articles, and audio courses to help your English

Learn English Online

Free English course and lessons for beginner and intermediate learners

This is all that I have today for you. If you have any suggestion or you would like to add ESL class to above list then don’t hesitate to contact the Study Abroad blogger.

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