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Hi, my name is Qasim Khilji (Kaaa Sim + Khel Jeee). I am an Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Study Abroad Blogger from Pakistan. I am currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. I launched my Study Abroad blog to share my experiences in U.S.A. This study abroad blog is for those who want to come to the USA and learn to speak English. I am also promoting work of different students associations and clubs in the United States such as Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Indonesian and other Students Associations in the United States. I am also writing about different events and festivals like Color Vibe, Brazilian Festival in Arizona, Asian Festival, Kite Festival or Basant Mela, Eid Milan party etc. I want to help international students in every possible way to make their time beautiful and successful in the United States. I hope you will like my blog posts and share your views.

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I received tons of questions every day about ESTA Application, US Visa, Form I-20, Tourist Visa, and Exchange Programs in the United States etc. I am not a lawyer to tell you about all these legal stuff. However, I wrote this blog post to share my story of one year in the United States as an Exchange Student. It all started from Peshawar, Pakistan when I applied for the Community College Initiative Program (CCI Program) in November 2015…… Read more about My Exchange Year in The United States here

Why I am Writing About Study Abroad

The reason Study Abroad is my key focused here in this blog or in other words you can say is that it is my focused keyword because I want my family, friends and blog posts readers to experience the study abroad at least once in their lives. I will be sharing tips about cheap accommodation, cheap flights, hiking and traveling in the USA, scholarships, degrees and programs etc. The posts will help you how to write an outstanding study abroad application essay to secure your admission.

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